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I'm originally from San Francisco where my brother and I ran our own digital design firm, Hence, the name.

In 2001, I moved to New Zealand and I work at a web design agency, Shift.

I'm married to Hadley. We have a 4 yr old son, Emory, and a newborn son, Jasper.

Here are various older photo albums (with more to come)...

Vancouver BC, 2001

NZ Year One (2002)

NZ Summer-Fall 2003

The following photos were taken by our good friends Wayne and Heidi...

Xmas 1999 (Emory 3 months old)

Xmas 1999

Feb Y2k

Sept Y2k

October Y2k (Emory's 1 year birthday)

October Y2k

March 2001

April 2001

August 2001