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The Hours (D)

The HoursWith such a hot cast and great recommendations I was hoping this would be good, but frankly I was not expecting much.

In fact, it's dreadful rubbish. Full of itself. Pretentious. Predictable. Overbearing. Everyone is a tedious, tortured thespian. Everything is melodramatic. No subtlety.

And the soundtrack reminded me of that old SNL spoof of an art movie where a 'haunting piano' plays while Lorraine Newman desperately hunts for what's making the awful, repetitive, droning noise.

We couldn't even finish watching it, it was that bad.

Acting: C-
Direction: D
Editing: C
Script: D
Cinematography: C
Soundtrack: D

October 2, 2003 in Bio Pic, Drama, Hollywood, Slow Paced | Permalink