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Master and Commander (A)

The HoursI was definitely worried that this movie was going to be a Russell Crowe vehicle to do his broody action hero thing. Which it was. But I have to say Crowe did a great job and the supporting cast was outstanding. Particularly the kid actors, I'm happy to report.

I love period pieces. You can tell that they really made huge efforts to maintain accuracy. The attention to detail is outstanding. I also really appreciated that it wasn't battle scenes interspersed with filler. It did give you the sense that being on the high seas was a lot of hard work, moments of good camaraderie, moments of dark tortuous hell, and eventually after a good long chase there would be some action.

Hadley complained that it was missing something. After thinking about that, I think it would have been even better if there were a few more scenes of the boys sharing 'war stories' which could have provided even more depth and intrigue.

I especially enjoyed it, being myself out at sea on an island in the South Pacific, at the mercy of the big weather - thinking about all the original settlers that arrived here by similar means.

Acting: A
Direction: A
Editing: A
Script: A
Cinematography: A
Soundtrack: A
Effects: A

January 9, 2004 in Action, Drama, Hollywood, Thriller | Permalink