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blogging works

My favorite bloggers SVN have just announced a new service called Blogging Works. The service is a workshop series to teach corporates (and others) how blogging can help them.

They link to a good starter article on blogging done by Macworld.

Also, links to Coudal designed corporate/consumer sites that use a blog interface and engine...

United Center

The United Center's staff uses the Weblog to post links to ticket information and update the site instantly when an event has sold out or a parking lot is being repaved.

Fox Sports New England

For Fox Sports New England we found a voice to speak to Red Sox fans all summer long. After searching for ways to build traffic during the summer, Coudal Partners made a deal with Edward Cossette, author of Bambino's Curse, a well-respected and well-read diary of a Red Sox Fan. Edward's blog appears on the Fox site during the baseball season, giving fans a reason to visit daily and giving Edward a great deal of exposure and promotion. Businesses that can harness the passion of their customers by providing them specific insights can build meaningful relationships through

Also, this article on Adapting Blog Technologies to Corporate e-Newsletters

"Often, when information goes through a formal marketing or PR process, the end result is an attractive, expensive, stale, diluted document written in corporate speak...The edge, the authenticity, and the voice of the professional speaking to his fellow professionals is lost.

"Blogs offer the human voice that can be loud, controversial, and even wacky...the realness of the blog inspires trust and piques people's curiosity."

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