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Digital pocket devices: the long view?

Erik poses a question: in 5 years will we all have pocket devices that are more powerful and more useful than any desktop computer is today? I think the answer is fairly well confirmed in Smartmobs.

My response: I absolutely believe that in 5+ years a good proportion of the digerati - ie, people now blogging - will carry a single pocket device with them that is their communicator, their electronic identity, their electronic bank and payment processor, their digital content and preferences container - in short, their primary INTERFACE and connection to everything that they do and know in the world.

Having said that, it does remind me of the overly opptimistic projections we had at General Magic. It was over 10 years ago that I developed a design for a device that was supposed to be General Magic's 3rd gen device - 5 years out. Smart phones (or Media Phones as I called it way back when) are only NOW starting to show up on the market, 10 years later.

My concept design from 1992...

The real thing circa 2002...

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