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Any Day Now

talking to the babyWe're getting close to the due date. Hadley is beginning to feel the drain in a big way. The exhaustion, the fatigue, the immobility. We all know what's about to happen, yet we have no idea.

Tonight I started explaining to Emory what's about to happen. I told him that the baby "is starting to wiggle his way out", just like Emory did when he was in mommy's tummy. It's amazing explaining these concepts to a 4 year old. I'm still so perplexed and dumbfounded by the idea myself.

And I'm so, so, so glad that we waited until Emory was this age. I just love being able to talk to him and know that to a large extent he understands. I love that he's involved, that this is not happening to him, it's happening with him. He is really looking forward to it and he will get so much out of it. And I think this baby will to.

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