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Apparently Hadley's sweaters and website were featured on VH1's 'Hot Mamas' show last night! We don't have VH1 down here, so please if you would be able to record the show and send us a Quicktime file.

It's amazing to see Hadley's success. She started the business for fun, to have something she enjoyed doing in addition to being a fulltime mom. She deliberately chose to do something that she believes in, something that is useful and beautiful, but also contributes in some way to the community. Now it's snowballing, taking on a life of its own, almost in spite of Hadley. With only a few weeks before the baby is due she was hoping this would be a time when things would be quieting down for Shescrafty.

This is one of those case study examples of 'do something you love and the rest will follow'. I'm extremely proud of her for doing just that. She had a very clear vision and she followed her instincts. She executed it perfectly. She followed through and she didn't give up even when she wanted to. Now it's just growing on that momentum. It's really inspiring to witness someone who knows what they want and they make it happen.

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We caught the last 20 minutes of this show last night. Did not see anything about She's Crafty, but it's probably in the part we missed. I'm sure like everything else on VH1 it will be replayed 100 times this month...Congrats Hadley on the business. Good luck with delivery #2!!

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that was me above, btw

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wayne. looks like your fancy 15$ a month blog software is worth the money!

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Posted by: wayne at Aug 13, 2003 5:38:06 PM

so unless you put in an email address you are anonymous? that doesn't make too much sense. sorry for cluttering your blog. please delete extra messages.

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