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Jasper Leo Fierlinger - Native Kiwi

Jasper Leo Fierlinger is in the house!

He was born last night September 15th (NZT) at 11:10pm. We had the most amazing delivery of the 8.5 pound little guy and he is totally beautiful and healthy. Everything went well so we were able to come straight home 2 hours after delivery, at 1am! The midwife was a saint and the delivery was painless and smooth, it all happened in 10 minutes!

Hadley had a pretty horrible labor over the past few days before going into the hospital for an epidural and some help from medical science. We discovered Hadley has cervical scar tissue from a procedure she had done 12 years ago and it makes it very hard for her cervix to dialate. The same thing happened during labor with Emory - contraction after contraction but no results. Once the epidural was in everything went gangbusters because Hadley's muscles and body could relax. We got to the hospital at 6:30pm - epidural at 8pm - baby at 11pm.

This boy is all Burns not a lot of Fierlinger! Hadley is very proud to be "representin"!

Emory is super proud and is making sure little "Jaspie" is looked after properly. He is off to kindy now to tell all his peers the news.

We are all doing great and trying to get some rest since we were up for the last 3 nights.

Some more nice pix are up here...with many more to come.

Our fond thanks to everybody for all the warm wishes and support!! We really appreciate it.

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Yip, yip horray!

Welcome to this world...Jasper!

May you enjoy your stay.


Posted by: POP at Sep 17, 2003 7:20:14 AM

wow! awsome! congrats guys...hadley you can have that well deserved drink now!

loz and guntha

Posted by: lorin and grant at Sep 17, 2003 10:19:03 AM

Hadley, Philip and Emory,
Congratulations on the baby!

I miss you guys.


Posted by: Maitland at Sep 20, 2003 5:06:24 AM