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Master Jasper

My nesting time with the family is almost over. It's been really wonderful and I'm sad that it's ending so quickly. I took three weeks off from work to dedicate to delivering and then getting to know the new baby Jasper. I've also been spending heaps of time with Emory and pitching in to help run this crazy production we call family.

Master Jasper has been remarkably sedate. He's taking his sweet old time, snoozing through the days AND nights. And you know that's more than fine by us!! Emory absolutely adores him and Jasper is quite noticeably alert and enthralled when Emory is near by. Emory wants to help out with the baby, but having a 4 year old's help is like having a crack addict help you do calligraphy.

I've been feeling a little guilty during my paternal leave, having brief panic attacks about the work that needs to be done at Shift. But honestly, that feeling instantly evaporates when I think about the quality time I'm spending with the family. It truly is priceless.

The best thing about my time at home since Jasper was born is the opportunity to do the simple things and not worry about much else. Truly live in the moment and enjoy it. No worries about the future or the past. Whatever is happening at the moment is fine and interesting and all that is important. Spending time playing with Emory. Tidying things around the house. Being the chauffeur. Getting the groceries. It's so gratifying because it's so easy and I'm spending time with people I love.

Granted, at times it has been difficult to be content 'as is'. Since I've had 'so much time' at home I started noticing numerous little things around the house that are annoying. Squeeky doors, loose nobs, things left out that should be put away. Aww shit...that's all Dad stuff. Bugger. Oh yeah, and I've noticed a LOT more gray hairs on my head and in my goatee!

One of the highlights this week was going on my first bike ride in 2 years!! I can't believe it's been that long. It was fantastic. I used to ride my bike much more often and I'm hoping to finally do a LOT more riding this year. Which would be really nice considering all the 'sympathy pregnancy' weight I put on.

As a side note: you might not have noticed, but I've been updating the photo galleries (currently linked from the right column) quite regularly.

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