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The Force Is Strong With This One

Last year, when Emory was 2 1/2 years old he did something so incredibly thoughtful for me. It was father's day and Hadley took him to the $2 Shop to get me a gift. He chose a back scratcher because he remembered that I had one in California. How he remembered that and the fact that he was able to make that connection still impresses me. The back scratcher really makes me happy, almost every day. I am so grateful that he thought of it, and thought of me.

Tomorrow is his birthday party (his birthday is the 9th). There are some presents I bought for him before he was even born. I got two special Lego sets: a Stars Wars X-Wing and a Tie Fighter. He loves Lego, he loves Buzz Lightyear (a Star Wars knockoff) and he even loves Star Wars.

I hope he likes the Lego as much as I love my back scratcher.

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