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Lord of the Rings 'mania'

Like I've said before, I don't like Lord of the Rings. Maybe a wee bit, but for the most part it's trash.

Come Monday, Dec 1, the world premiere of the final LOTR film will be held here in little old Wellington, New Zealand. The mania is going into high gear. The city is abuzz. And it's hilarious to watch.

Everyday the paper is full of reports about the stars landing at Wellington Airport, getting their comments about Wellington. Pity the weather is typical Welly shite - cold, rainy and windy. I'm sure the actors are loving their return.

Front page stories include such remarkable news gems as...

freekee_frodo.jpg"The American actor [Viggo Mortensen] walked into clothing shop Lifestyle Sports, on Willis and Mercer streets on Sunday to buy two casual shirts."

I work right next door to Lifestyle Sports. Let me tell you, glamorous doesn't begin to describe the posh and exclusive and news worthy rugby shirts, tracks suits, and sneakers you can acquire. Saying he bought two casual shirts at Lifestyle Sports is like saying he bought two casual chicken nuggets at the fish and chips shop, and printing that as front page news.

Nothing says backwater like the quaint hysteria surrounding this premiere. It's a great thing. It's fun. It is a big deal. And it so cute and funny how this town is reacting.

For my part, we just finished our LOTR promo for NewZealand.com. And you're getting an exclusive world premiere look at it, right here on turntable.typepad.com. This promo site is not live yet (as of this writing) so bask in the glory of your exclusivity.


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doesn't sound that much different than san francisco and celebrities actually...

in SF at the metereon IMAX they are showing all three after the third one comes out; 10 hours of movie (maybe the director's cut(s)?). on ebay the tickets for this event are going for 600$. you read that correctly.

Posted by: wayne at Nov 28, 2003 5:56:22 PM