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Today I had a life altering day, as you do

Today has been a doozie. To start things off, at 8:30am, I went to the Wellington Family Planning clinic to have a little procedure done. As parents, Hadley and I feel quite content with two children, whom we love passionately and adore to no end. But that's plenty of kids, no more, thank you very much. You might say it's a birthday present for Hadley or an Xmas present for the whole family. Today I had the most (psychologically) sensitive portion of my anatomy (outside of my brain) permanently altered, in order to prevent any further reproduction.

It was not a big deal. It was something I had always planned on doing after having kids. My friends had it done and I was assured that it's absolutely trivial. There were definitely moments of discomfort and some minor pain, but as people have told me, it's nothing worse than a normal dental exam.

I was given some meds to relax things, as it were. Plus, some local anesthetic (that was one of the least fun parts). All during the procedure I was chatting away with the ladies performing the operation.

In the middle of everything my cell phone rang. The nurse offered to get my phone and pass it over, but I decided it would be best not to take a call under such circumstances. Even though it was almost certainly Hadley calling.

It is a very, very, very good thing I did not take the call. After the procedure was done, while I was still on the operating table, I listened to my voice mail. As it turns out, it was a real estate agent calling. She was calling to say that a house we were interested in buying had suddenly become available and I needed to call her back immediately. So I did. Right then and there.

baroda-front.jpgIf we wanted the house we would need to put in an offer that day. I asked the doctor if I would be able to go house hunting under my present condition. She said it would be okay, but that she recommend bed rest and an ice pack instead.

It was unfortunate, but while we were in the recovery room I was wheeling and dealing over the cell phone, in that loud, obnoxious voice people use when talking into a cell phone. The shame.

baroda-indoor-outdoor.jpgThe whole day has been a blur of cell phone calls to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, building inspectors, etc etc. And when I wasn't trying to heal myself with a pack of peas, I was wobbling in and around our potential house to be, discussing points of concern with the building inspector.

There was a major concern with the house: it had a 'renovated' basement that accounted for 2 of the 4 bedrooms. The problem was that basement rooms were very damp, cold and smelled horribly musty. We were really concerned with it and felt like it was a deal breaker.

baroda-deck.jpgWe remembered that we have a nice neighbor who is a master builder. Norbert, our neighbor, the master builder, is a 6.5 foot tall heavily accented German who plays flute in the New Zealand National Symphony and is rather well known around Wellington as the guy who rollerblades to work. He was happy to come inspect the house with us. Before we went to see it, we told him about our concerns and he shared our doubts. In fact, he felt like it's a major concern and from the sounds of it we should definitely not buy the house.

To make one final check, we went with Norbert to the house. The agent was waiting for us. And, of course, she immediately recognized and knew Norbert, Wellington being the small town that it is and Norbert being that character that he is. Norbert went around the house and looked it over extremely thoroughly and really knew what to look for and exactly what had been done to the house and what needed to be done.

In the end, he said it's a very good house and the problems were all relatively minor and fixable.

That stamp of approval was what we needed to make an offer, which was accepted a few short hours later. Here are a few photos of the house.

Mind you, at the start of the day I knew I was going to be changing my life forever, but I had no intention or expectation of changing it so much, in such a short time.

It has indeed been a life altering day.

And as if that weren't enough, today my mom was running around like mad, making last minute arrangements to file her papers to get a work visa or face leaving the country.

Oh yeah, and there was the fascinating coincidence that today Hadley got an email from Sarah Jessica Parker about the clothes she got for her son from shescrafty.

What a surreal day, in all of the best ways.

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The place looks great. Give us some updates.

Posted by: wayne at Dec 18, 2003 10:39:13 AM

P.S. How long after were you sore? Pretty incredible to hear that a knife can go digging around in that region and it doesn't hurt/not a big deal. Go modern medicine!

Posted by: wayne at Dec 18, 2003 10:41:40 AM

K. Here goes. As is the norm with a purchase of this magnitude, there have been quite a few dramatic twists and turns. And stress. The primary wrinkle has been that our American bank, BofA, won't allow us to do a wire transfer without being present at the bank to sign for it. Probably some ridiculous "fight the war on terrorism" policy. So the money we need is in America and the only way we have to bring it over to NZ is thru the ATM - withdrawing the max everyday. For the next 2 weeks. Ghetto style, eh? It's quicker than writing a check and waiting for our NZ bank to clear it 21 days later. UPDATE: we figured out a better way - transfer the money to Peter's account and have him wire us the money. Yay for Peter!!!

re: my procedure - it's extraordinarily minor. They poke a tiny hole in the skin around your boys, which is very thin fleshy skin, as you know. Then they do snip snip on some of the plumbing inside. Done. The doctor showed me the tube - it's pretty much like a 3mm white rubber hose (forgot to moblog it!). The only source of pain was the local anesthetic, but it was just like getting a shot at the dentist, not pleasant, but it's over in a second. The post-op discomfort is similar to "blue balls" for those of you who have had the pleasure. Nothing that would lay you out.

On the other hand, my poor friend Chris is going through a bit more pain and suffering. At the same time I was "under the knife", he was surfing. He fell off his board, turned around to fetch it and the board bashed him in the head. He had to drive himself to the hospital, even though he said it was like getting smashed in the face with a hammer. He got some stitches and it was a bit bruised, but it seemed like it wasn't too serious.

Unfortunately, it turns out it's worse than they first thought. Tomorrow he's going in for re-constructive surgery to put a metal plate in his face, because his cheek has been smashed. He said right now it hurts so bad he can't even shave. I feel really terrible for him. Everybody reading this (haha, as if) please send out your best karmic energy to Chris.

And for anybody who's afraid of a wee little vasectomy, I say chill out and do not sweat it for one second. Considering the agony Hadley went through to house and then pass two children through her body, if all we boys gotta do is get a little sore for a few days, we should consider ourselves very very very lucky. And think about all the stress saved, you never ever have to put yourself through the tormet of worrying whether you have just "accidentally" brought another screaming, shitting, eating little bundle of joy into this world.

Posted by: Philip Fierlinger at Dec 18, 2003 4:40:59 PM

So the house is a "done deal" now?

Posted by: wayne at Dec 19, 2003 8:00:19 PM