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Emory hits a fever of 103 107º just in time for Hadley's birthday

We had a bit of scare this week with Em being sick. It was terrible. For a few days he was having bad poo (kid friendly terms please), but nothing unusual or alarming. Then all of a sudden he came down with a fever. Again, nothing alarming. The fever started on a Saturday morning and we began administering meds immediately. Then on Monday night his fever hit 103F (39.5c). Em has been 103 before. It's not pretty. He's burning hot, quivering like mad and he gets delirious - babbling and screaming, having terrible nightmares. Tuesday night he hit 107F (41.7c) with vomiting and horrible diarrhea. That was terrifying.

We had already taken him to the doctor Monday morning. Doctor Claire gave us some Ibuprofen and she suspected a virus that would go away in a day or so. When he hit 107 nothing was bringing his fever down. And I was really beside myself. We took him into the after hours clinic, where some dick head of a doctor (fortunately a rare exception in our experience) noticed that Em was getting tonsillitis - which is a secondary infection - the real cause is still unknown.

I decided to take the following day off from work to help out and take care of Em. It so happened that was Hadley's 33rd birthday!! Yay for her. It was nice that I could help take the load off her and watch Emory. I also did some special cooking. Breakfast burritos in the morning with a new subscription to the Dominion Post addressed to Hadley coming to our door every morning. And that night I made some mean ass Fish Tacos that were sooooo yummy. Many thanks to the ever dependable Kevin for the fish recipe.

It would have been nice if Em could have gotten better on her birthday. But he didn't. He had terrible diarrhea for the next FOUR nights, with the high fever of course. It's only now on Wednesday, 10 days later that he's nearly recovered.

As my dad wrote to me, there is a positive spin..."as you may know yourself, some of people's best childhood memories are of the times when they were sick at home." Which is so oddly true. In fact, I definitely feel like Em and I had a really amazing time, bonding in ways that will last forever. I'm just so happy that we're on the other side of it now.

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