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Barring any major last minute unexpected legal or financial snags, the house at number 10 Baroda Street, Khandallah (pronounced: kin - dahl - ah), Wellington, New Zealand is now ours!! There's still plenty of paper work and details to iron out, like finalizing the mortgage deal (fixed interest rate for how long? with a portion floating rate?) and sorting out all the necessary insurance (life, loss of income, home owners).

However, this afternoon we handed over one of the big checks. It was half of the deposit money. The agent we're buying from gave us a nice bottle of expensive Champagne, in return. The other half we'll hand over when the wire transfer arrives. And the big fat the-house-is-now-really-yours-here-are-the-keys check will be handed over on January 30, 2004 - our move-in date. Of course, there's heaps of "little" incidental costs that are piling up, as they do. And it turns out we're breaking our lease on the house we're in now, so we have to find new tenants, more drama, twists and turns.

Nevertheless, it is a really good feeling to have finally done this. It's a major milestone in our adulthood, something we've been working towards for about five years. The funny thing is that it hasn't seemed as gut wrenching as other major purchases in my life, like buying a car or buying various computer systems. For some reason, this has been remarkably easy and smooth, especially considering the magnitude of the transaction. Despite all my carry-on about the twists and turns, I feel quite comfortable with the way this has all happened. We've been working with some really great people, especially our mortgage broker, who has really made it all possible. He's gone a long way to making the whole process feel right. This whole experience has once again proven why I have a lot of trust in Kiwis - I never really felt like we were getting ripped off or scammed or manipulated. Everyone seemed to be very level, honest, and sincerely helpful.

No doubt, it's still nerve wracking. I don't think there's any way it couldn't be. It did happen all of a sudden, in a very short span of time from causally house hunting to buying, but we really have been preparing for this for a long time. It just feels like it's the right thing to do at the right time in the right place. It feels just like we're going with the flow, as it should be.

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