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When Weather Goes Totally Ape Shit

The weather this past weekend has been an absolute shocker, even by New Zealand's epic standards (see photo gallery). Apparently, it's making international news. It was nasty. If what we experienced on Sunday night wasn't a hurricane then I really never want to know what a hurricane is like. It sounded and looked as if we were inside a giant car wash that had gone ape shit. Trees were bending sideways, gusts pelted rain against the windows like shrapnel, and the wind howled so loud that at some points we had to shout in each other's ears - inside the house.

While we're licking our wounds over the damage the storm did to our house - there were some leaks to the house (that we bought just three weeks before the worst storm in 100 years) - we have to count our blessings that we got off quite easy compared to many all over the country (ie, the poor owner's of the house below).

Not that it's over yet. There's more to come tomorrow. Hopefully, this will all go away before Sunday, when Peter gets here!!! I wonder how Fiji has been for him?!?

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the weather in auckland has be alright. apart from a few weird, sunny/rainy days its fine. i spent today baking in the sun/

down south though, as you say has been weird, i even saw it on the news! anyway, im sure its gonna be over soon.

anyway, just making small talk, infact i think im the only poster/reply commenter on ur site so far. haha.


Posted by: Aaron at Mar 9, 2004 3:40:55 AM