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Good Times

There's been so much fun stuff going on that I haven't had a moment to update the blog. This city really makes a major effort to keep the good times rolling all thru the summer, despite the weather. In fact, it's probably to spite the weather.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • My first Cricket match (rugby is massively superior to American football, but I think baseball has a slight edge over cricket)
  • Movies By Starlight (read my full review)
  • Cuba Street Carnival
  • NZ Festival of the Arts (we went to a great stand up comedy night, capped off with watching the Mayor get jiggy – not a pretty site)
  • Karoake at Case De Sara-Matt-Ed
  • Dragon Boat Races
  • Ngaio School Gala

On top of all that, Peter arrived in NZ for a visit. It was nice seeing him after two years, but his visit was a bit odd. The first thing that freaked me out was seeing him when he got off the plane. For some reason, seeing him in person was bizarre. Somehow it shocked me at how “grown up” he was. Who the hell is this person that's my size? And looks just like me?! I guess I was expecting him to be a little kid, like Emory. I think it's because I've been telling Emory so many stories about when Peter and I were little kids that I've crystallized an image of Peter as my “little brother”.

Plus, I tend to cross my wires when it comes to Peter and Emory. I think I really relate to Emory on many levels as a brother, more than a son. I think it triggers some of my old reflexes of being the older brother. Sometimes when I look at Emory I see a quick flashback of Peter. Once I even had a very lucid dream where I was disciplining Emory and then when I turned around it wasn't Emory anymore, it was Peter standing there with the same expression as Emory. Kinda like that Luke Skywalker – Darth Vader flashback thing. Trippie and very strange.

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