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Pedro was here.

Pedro was here. (see photos in the latest gallery) In his three months here he managed to hit most of the major attractions in NZ, all throughout the North and South Islands.

In particular he seemed drawn to NZ's thrill seeking opportunities: sky diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, etc. Along with plenty of backpacking, swimming, swimming with dolphins, surfing, and other more relaxing endeavors.

He's got some great photos and he's blogging his 'round the world journey.

Peter got to see a lot more of NZ than we have, by far. On the other hand, we're not here to go touring. Especially with two babes in arms. And now a mortgage. Visiting us, Peter got to see how the other half live and I think it scared the holy terror out of him!

It's funny how polar opposite we are in that way. He's living the vida loca, untethered, doing what he wants when he wants. While I'm the settled down, responsible, suburban dad. My parents never dreamed it would turn out that way; quite the opposite.

For all the grief of having kids and a mortgage and having to work hard to keep up the middle class family lifestyle, I have to say that I really enjoy the company, aka the wife and kids. When I think back on my days of travel and adventure I was always searching for something deep and meaningful, spiritually rewarding. Now, I have to say, I have truly found what I was looking for. This adventure that I'm in right now, the pursuit of middle class happiness, the adventure of raising a family is deeper and more meaningful, and more spiritually rewarding than anything I've ever done. And I even find that at the moment, where I am in the world now, there is enough rich detail and exotic surroundings in my immediate day-to-day environment to keep me stimulated.

On some level I am definitely jealous of Peter's globe trotting adventures. Then when I think about all of the work involved in packing your whole life into a bag and carrying it around with you everywhere on your back, constantly having to adjust to a new situation, a new bed, a new bunch of people, always on the go...I'm exhausted and irritated just thinking about it. On a side note, I'm always perplexed at how the fuck rockstars deal with that shit? Their lifestyle would drive me utterly insane.

So happy trails to Pedro. I hope you finds what you're looking for.

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rockstars don't deal with the shit. their managers and assistants do. rockstars just have to show up at their front door for the limo pick up and sometimes they can't even handle that! traveling with first class accomodations the whole way around the world with women willing and able to bang you on a moment's notice is enough motivation for some dudes.

we're definitely more semi travel retired now with our own baby, a start up. nice to see your boys grow up online!

hoping to make a new zealand stop someday before you head back to the states. or will you? my EU passport (option) never looked more attractive. best to your family. take care!

Posted by: souris at May 25, 2004 5:12:36 PM