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No shortage of drama


A little follow up on our run in with the stranger with candy. I rung up the police and asked what happened. The constable, as they call themselves, explained that he was not permitted to tell me whether the guy had a criminal record. "I wish I could", he added. Then he explained that a man fitting the same description as our stranger had been wanted in questioning related to an incident at a book store the same day. The incident in question regarded a man rubbing his groin into a little girl.

The stranger has not been arrested, although the case has been handed off to Child Youth Protection services, or some such bureaucracy. I was also told that he is local to Wellington and he is known to hang out in the neighborhood where Babi works. In fact, the stranger has come in to the shop where Babi works TWICE this past week. We're hoping that the next time he comes in she can snap a photo of him. Perhaps even get his name and address.

Now onto the drama from this weekend...

Friday evening I was completely exhausted. I was about to put Emory to bed and pass out for the night myself. Then there was a knock at our door.

It was our neighbor saying that somebody has dinged our car and we had better come take a look.

It turns out that it was a bit more than a ding. A woman had smashed head-on into our parked car. Our car that was parked on the opposite side of the road from her lane of traffic. As I came outside our neighbor was consoling the girl inside the car. She was still at the wheel, hysterical. I asked if she was okay, she said yes. I told her not to worry about our car, that we're just relieved nobody was hurt. She wasn't really concerned with our car. She was concerned that her license was going to get taken away, that her car was totaled, and...that there were people standing around looking on...she screamed and freaked out that they were mocking her.

I asked, "How old are you?". She mumbled something that sounded like thirteen. Ahhhh, that explains everything. Just to be sure, I repeated, "Thirteen?".


Oh. Okay. Hmmm...

I went inside to call the police. When I came out the girl was gone but her father was there. It turns out they live up the road from us. Hadley later explained to me that when the father came up to console the girl she went absolutely ballistic on her dad - cursing him out in a spitting fury and running home.

Then the dad told us that she's not well. She's on medication. She just got the car two weeks before and she's been doing so well with all her driving classes.

In the end, we dodged another bullet. If our car had to be in an accident, it's ideal that none of us were in it when it happened. We won't know how much damage has been done to the car until we take it in. Fortunately, our insurance is covering everything (except a loaner car). It sucks that it happened. But in the end, it is just a piece of metal. Again, it's very scary to consider what could have happened if this woman didn't hit a parked car but instead a car with people in it or even a person on the sidewalk for fuck's sake.


Now I'm almost more concerned about the pattern that's emerging. That's our second run in with a serious psycho in as many weeks. They say these things come in three's. You can imagine how much I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

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You guys celebrate holloween eary down there??

Your right...no one was hurt...

You car would be totalled only if the hit bent the passenger door post...that can't be pulled out.

Sound like what goes on around here...

As the little green frog said once, "Peoples is peoples."

Posted by: Wally at Aug 18, 2004 7:26:45 AM